A Confession.

I participated in the National Cupcake Kids Sale two weeks ago. My nephews and I baked sixty cupcakes, made two gallons of lemonade and decorated signs to raise money for Sixty Feet. We set up at a park nearby, ready to make a lot money to help imprisoned children in Uganda.

We made $18. In 2 1/2 hours.

I felt defeated. Helpless. Embarrassed. Disappointed. Angry.

Angry at myself for not doing enough. My nephews were doing all they could, screaming their little hearts out, “CUPCAKES! LEMONADE! HELP KIDS IN AFRICA!”  What had I done wrong? Were my cupcakes not cute enough? Maybe I should’ve advertised more? Picked a different spot? I was angry at the people in the park. How could they turn down my adorable nephews? How could they hear “imprisoned children” and not empty their wallets out!?!

I put on my best poker face in front of my nephews. They were so excited that they had made $18!! After all, eighteen dollars is a lot of money to a 5 and 7-year-old. We finally called it quits and headed home. I dropped them off at their dad’s house, turned the corner and sobbed. I cried because I felt defeated. I cried because I felt helpless. Embarrassed. Disappointed. Angry. I cried for the children, wishing I could do more in that instant. I cried for the orphans. I cried for injustice. I cried for the fifty leftover cupcakes in my front seat.

It took me two weeks to email the Cupcake Kids with my total sales. It took me two weeks to mail the check for $18. It took me two weeks to write this blog. The donation jar has been sitting on my dresser for two weeks. I guess I was just wishing that I’d wake up and it would be full of money or that someone would hand me a big ol’ check made out to The Cupcake Kids. The other sales made hundreds of dollars. Some made over $1,000. Two weeks ago, my $18 felt so small, so insignificant—But let me tell you about my $18:

$18 can feed 36 children a healthy meal.
$18 can provide school fees for two children for a month with some change to spare.
$18 can provide 3 children with a Bible with some change to spare.
$18 can provide 2 children with a blanket with some change to spare.
$18 can provide basic medical care for three children.
$18 can make a big difference in the lives a few children.

Once again, I’m reminded that what may seem small and insignificant to me, is of great value to Him.


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