We’re here!!

Hello from Uganda!!
Kelsey and I arrived Saturday afternoon and were greeted
with big smiles from the Sixty Feet team, Moses and Fred; and Edward, a Sixty
Feet partner from Mississippi. We left Entebbe Airport and headed for our new
home, Kampala. Kampala looks just like you would imagine, bustling with people,
markets on every corner, cows in the road, bodas (motorcycle taxis) zooming by
barely missing the pedestrians that fill the streets. I was warned about the
traffic in Kampala a few months ago but wow, nothing could prepare you for
Ugandan driving. Rules of the road? Just one. Don’t hit anyone. The roads are
called “parking lots” because you literally just sit in traffic for hours. I
can’t quite figure out when rush hour is because it seems like there is always
traffic! I don’t mind the traffic though because it gives me an opportunity to
After lunch with Moses, Edward, and Fred we drove to our new
house. It’s more beautiful than I imagined. We met our new neighbors, Betty who is Moses’ wife, their children, Shadrach
and Meshach, and the five girls from “M” that now live with them. The girls
immediately ran up to us giving us big hugs and helped us carry all 8 bags
inside. We met our housemate, Susie  and the guard, Abraham. Kelsey and I started to unpack and turn the
house into a home. Around 8pm the electricity went out and Betty said, “Welcome
to Africa.” Apparently power outages are a nightly occurrence here. So we
continued to unpack and shower by candlelight. Luckily, it came back on while
we were sleeping.
Sunday, we went to church at Bwerenga Bible Church near Lake
Victoria. I met the famous Pastor Ernest and Mama Catherine whom I’ve heard so
much about. I had to hold back the tears as I hugged Mama Catherine. She is
truly an amazing woman. I sat in the young Sunday school class that Mama
Catherine taught and the lovely Julia translated for me. The children were
learning about Heaven and Hell. Mama Catherine asked the children what was in
Heaven. Their answers were: pineapples, bicycles, cars, swings, Jesus, food.
She asked them what Hell was like and their answers were: big lions, frogs,
snakes, and more frogs. Then it was time for worship. What to say about
worship? If you’ve been lucky enough to experience true African worship, you
know what I mean; men, women, and children fully rejoicing, dancing, jumping,
singing, screaming, praying, i-yi-yi-yi-ing, and just praising the Lord with
their whole heart. The church is in a small village with wooden or metal shacks
for houses, what we would consider third-world poverty. Yet, they still
rejoice, thanking God for all they’ve been given. Two hours later church was
over and Mama Catherine and Pastor Ernest invited us to their home for lunch
and fellowship. Mama Catherine and Pastor Ernest have 9 orphaned/abandoned
children living with them and they call them all their own. Yet still, Pastor
Ernest asked us to find him two more children from the prisons because there is
room in his house. With already 11 mouths to feed, they gladly welcomed us into
their home and fed us a home-cooked Ugandan meal, beans, beef, and crepe-like
Moses is teaching Kelsey and I to be true Ugandans. First
lesson was the currency. Second lesson was the language, which is WAY harder
than I thought it would be. Third, is driving in Kampala.
Today is our first day going to the prisons. I’ll be honest
and say that I’m a little bit nervous. I’ve seen the videos and the pictures
and I’ve heard the stories, but I’m afraid to see it firsthand. I’m afraid that my heart is going to
break into a million pieces. I’m afraid that I’m going to burst into tears as
soon as I walk into the prison and see their living conditions. Both of these
things are probably going to happen. I’ll probably cry the whole way home and
my heart will probably break into a million pieces but I am confident that I
will see God working at M. I’m so thrilled to meet the children and see their
smiles. I will love on every child that I can wrap my arms around today. I will
squeeze them until they know that they are loved.
This is getting super long but I hope I can update soon. We
have no Internet right now, we have to go to café’s and use their wifi but
hopefully we will have Internet at the house soon and I can update often. Thank
you for all your prayers. They are definitely needed today.
xoxo Kirby

7 thoughts on “We’re here!!

  1. Hi Kirby, my name is Valerie and I learned about you through the Sixty Feet website. I just traveled to Uganda in June with a team from Visiting Orphans. We had the privilege of meeting Moses and Betty and serving with them at M1, M2, and M3. It was an incredible journey and I am so thankful for the gift of being able to go!

    I left part of my heart in Uganda, and truly I'm a little jealous that I can't be there with you guys now! 😉 I pray God will abundantly bless your time there, and I know Moses and Betty will be so blessed to have you serving with them. I will definitely be following your journey! And I'm hoping maybe I will get a chance to meet you next summer, as I am currently on the waiting list to return with another V.O. team next June.

    Blessings to you!

  2. I am a follower of 60 Feet and love that you are doing this. Blessings to you both.

    PS – I have been to the Bwerenga area – really beautiful there by the lake. Such a contrast to the city, isn't it.

  3. Hi Kirby,

    I am your father's cousin. Your Dad's father and my mother were brother and sister. I always felt fortunate to be born into such a family — one that not only dreamed but worked hard to make dreams come true. My mother, who was a registered nurse, would be among the first to congratulate you for undertaking such an unselfish mission. I suspect she's in Heaven watching out for you already.
    I wish you great success and hope that I can help you.
    With much love and pride in you,

    Harry Wiley

  4. Kirbs, so glad for the update and that you made it there safely. I'm so glad that you can take naps, I know how you love your naps! lol.
    Thank you for your heart and thank you for showing the love of God to so many.
    Praying for you so much
    <3 Suz

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