Best Buds!

Meet my newest friends, Alfred and Faizo.

Alfred and Faizo have been at M1 for almost two weeks now. Both were brought at the same time and are around each other’s age. Luckily, they let me into their cute little duo and the three of us have become best buds. We color, read bible stories, play cards, and cuddle. Wednesday, I read Put Me in the Zoo by Dr. Seuss and we drew pictures from the story.
The only thing is, none of us can speak the same language. Alfred speaks Acholi, Faizo speaks Luganda, and I speak English.  We may not be able to communicate very well but we still have a good ol’ time. Luckily, you don’t need words to tickle, cuddle, laugh or love.

They still like Dr. Seuss even though they don’t understand the words. And even though, we have Bibles in Acholi and Luganda, they like the pictures in the English Children’s Bible. Teaching “Slapjack” was a little bit of a challenge but they eventually got the hang of it and laughed every time we slapped each other’s hands. And when Faizo lost his tooth on Wednesday we didn’t need words to celebrate. He proudly showed Alfred and I the tooth in his hand and pointed to the new gap in his smile. We had high-five’s all around to celebrate this momentous occasion for Faizo.

Praise the Lord that His love and understanding transcend all language barriers!!