Yesterday afternoon, Jovan, a child at M3 started having seizures while we were there. He had been brought to M3 the previous day by the police. He was abandoned at a mosque and then brought to the hospital who turned him over to the police. He has special needs is severely malnourished weighing in at 17 lbs. at about two-years-old. After the first seizure, we found the administrator who told us that she was waiting on the probation officer to pick him up because she is not equipped to take care of special needs babies. After his second seizure, we couldn’t wait for the probation officer any longer. He needed medical attention and needed it quickly. Kelsey drove and I held Jovan in my arms. He was so tiny and his cries were so little. At the hospital, he slipped in and out conscience, worn out from the seizures. He looked so lifeless, I put my face next to his and listened, checking for signs of life.

Only hours later, I sat in a nice, private room at Mengo Hospital. Nambowa Medina was sitting beside me, drinking juice, and watching Finding Nemo on my laptop. This hospital visit was very much different from the one only hours before. This visit was planned. A duffle bag sat in the corner full of new clothes, next to a grocery bag full of food for her and Coca Cola for me. Nambowa’s tummy is full from dinner at our house. Her bed is made with clean sheets, blankets, and pillows. On the nightstand are books, toys, and a teddy bear. Nambowa is at the hospital preparing to have surgery to remove a very large and painful hernia on her belly button. Over the last few months, I’ve watched Nambowa pull her shirt down, embarrassed, trying to hide what can’t be hidden. But soon, she won’t have to be embarrassed or in pain anymore. She will be a normal ten-year-old with a normal belly button.

I can’t help but compare the two visits. Two children. Two different hospitals. All in one day. One child is fighting for his life. The other is having a surgery that will change hers. Today, I’m praising God for his blessings. Celebrating the new life that Nambowa has been given. But I’m on my knees begging for His mercies, for the life that Jovan has yet to live.

Please join in me prayer over these littles’ lives. Pray for a fast recovery for Nambowa as she spends another night in the hospital. Pray for her next week as she leaves our house and goes back to live at M3. Pray for Jovan, for healing. He was diagnosed with malaria but the doctors cannot explain his seizures.