Happy Valentine’s Day!

A certain little someone isn’t pictured because she wasn’t in the mood for photos but she wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day too! Thank you Momma for sending the V-Day crafts and decorations!


Broken New Year’s Resolutions and Things Y’all Missed

First off all, let me start by apologizing and say that I am truly sorry that I haven’t sent out updates or blogged more often! I could try to blame it on the power outages or slow internet connection but honestly most of the time I think to myself, “I should blog,” then exhaustion and laziness take over and I fall asleep by 9pm.

I even made it my New Year’s Resolution to blog once a week. Whoops, already broke that one! Honestly, it’s just hard to blog. Because of the sensitive nature of SF’s work, many things can’t be shared or have to be worded very carefully. Also, I’m a tad bit of a blogging perfectionist and feel like every blog has to be insightful, inspiring, witty, full of beautiful photos, correct grammar and proper punctuation (which really means that I care too much about what you think). Still, I’ll try harder to blog more and care less about how perfect my posts are (or what you think).

And since, I’ve been SO terrible about updating all 10 of my loyal followers, there’s a lot that you’ve missed! So I’ll try to go back and recap some of the biggies that have happened over the last 5 1/2 months.

The absolute BIGGEST thing y’all have missed is that Kelsey and I have taken in three precious little ones. If we’re facebook friends, you’ve probably seen lots of photos of litte African cuties and wondered who they were.

Meet Joellia,


and Baby Martha.

Told you they were precious!!

They came to live with us on November 14, 2011 and since then my life has been greatly enriched! The last few months have been crazy, messy, fun, wonderful, challenging, exhausting, and beautiful.

I’m sure you have lots of questions about our new additions but the internet is a scary place and most of my posts about the littles will be password protected. If I actually know you, I’d love to give you the password so you can join me in this crazy adventure called life. If I don’t know you, then tell me a little about yourself so I know you’re not a crazy person and that you pinky promise not to share information.