Sixty Feet


Sixty Feet was started in 2010 by a small group of families in Atlanta, Georgia. Through a friend-of-a-friend living in Uganda, these families discovered a “child prison” in Uganda. Once they travelled to Uganda and visited the prison, “M1”, firsthand, they knew God wanted to use them to help his children. Sixty Feet began and soon after, six more child prisons were discovered. SF hired a full Ugandan staff including a director, three nurses, a counselor, two pastors and two social workers that visit the prisons every week to provide medical care, counseling, and to preach and live out the gospel to the children.

Sixty Feet is working to provide physical relief to the children by improving the facilities, bringing food, clean water, mattresses, mosquito nets, clothing, medical care, and counseling. In October 2011, Sixty Feet kick-started their sponsorship program where they have been able to remove children from the prisons and put them into schools and into families. Now we are working to purchase land and establish a sustainable, long-term living arrangement for the children where they will live in a loving, family-like home.

Kelsey and I joined the team in August 2011 as the first interns to live and work for Sixty Feet in Uganda. Since then, we’ve taken on many of the administrative roles and much, much more… We visit the prisons every week and join the children for  worship, a sermon, and spend time with them playing games, talking, coloring, singing, laughing, snuggling, encouraging, listening, and telling them of the Father who loves them dearly.

To find out more about Sixty Feet, go to their website and read the blog, watch the videos, and learn how you can help.


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